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A few things to try and make that commute to work more enjoyable.

Take a well earned break in your commute

Date: 29-05-2014
Author: Sam Totham

Hammacher Schlemmer Backpack chair

Wish you could carry a chair around with you all the time? Well you can, and it comes with a cooler!

Yes the Hammacher Schlemmer Backpack Chair doubles as a backpack but also as a handy chair for emergencies (or when you're bored on a train).

If you're wondering what exactly a backpack chair is (and I don't blame you) then here's a handy explanation: What is a Backpack Chair?

This Gizmodo article explains how the chair has huge potential from beach trips, to camping to aforementioned travelling implementation...

Noise cancelling headphones

Now for the perfect experience you need something to drown out the noise of all the other fellow commuters, and what better than a good pair of noise cancelling headphones? This is a list of the best available pairs in 2014 so far: Best noise-cancelling headphones to buy in 2014.

There you go, you're sat in your portable chair, maybe with a chilled drink, enjoying the undisturbed sound of your favourite music, the perfect commute (or basically any situation really).

But your phone is running low on battery and you forgot the cable! Don't worry though because once again technology has the solution. The keyring phone charger. Admittedly it requires a separate iPhone adapter but still a bargain buy for those long trips away from home.

So now with your backpack chair, headphones and phone charger (which both will conveniently fit into the backpack) you can face your commute without fear, or boredom, and also be prepared for those holiday trips to the beach and campsites, but maybe leave out the headphones unless you're particularly unwilling to make conversation...

Please bear in mind that the suggestions for all of these items are only based on situations where it is preferable to avoid making conversation - Serenity Digital would always advise being socialable with your fellow commuters.

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