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Another exciting challenge has been completed - The Tough Mudder...

Smashing the Tough Mudder

Date: 23/09/2013
Source: Serenity Digital

Elation at completing the Tough Mudder

This Sunday, Directors Peter Garrett and Stuart Mullen took on the South West UK 2013 Tough Mudder.

With friends Matt Austin and Jack Lewis of Itchen Imperial Rowing Club, Southampton, Peter and Stuart journeyed to the Brecon Beacons, South Wales to partake in a gruelling 12.3 mile run across some extremely challenging terrain.

The course also "benefitted" from 17 obstacles designed to challenge each individual but also the team as a whole. The obstacles were in the following order:

  • Kiss of Mud
    (Crawling in mud under barbwire)
  • Glory Blades
    (High walls angled towards the particpants)
  • Arctic Enema
    (Large ice bath which required submersion)
  • Trench Warfare
    (20m underground trenches caked in mud)
  • Funky Monkey
    (Ascending and descending monkey bars)
  • Hold Your Wood
    (Carrying a large wooden log for 1/2 mile)
  • Mud Mile
    (As it says on the tin)
  • Hero Carry
    (Carrying a team mate for 100m each)
  • Electric Eel
    (Crawling in icey water under electric wires)
  • Dirty Ballerina
    (Jumping over large consecutive pits)
  • Human Gecko
    (Rock climbing over water)
  • Hero Walls
    (High walls - higher than glory blades)
  • Cage Crawl
    (Pulling your body through water with only 6 inches of breathing space)
  • Boa Constrictor
    (Descending and ascending tunnels into mud and water)
  • Walk the Plank
    (High climb and jump into pool of water)
  • Everest
    (A run up the side of a half pipe and pulling your body up)
  • Electroshock Therapy
    (A run through electric wires to the finish line)

We completed the event in 2 hours and 20 minutes and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves - we're looking for a 2014 challenge and any teams who wish to challenge us should get in touch.

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