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Date: 25-03-2015
Source: Serenity Digital

For small businesses and start-ups across the country one of the hardest parts about managing your business effectively, is being efficient with the use of your own time. During early growth, many business owners find paying for administration staff a step they simply cannot afford, so they spend countless hours calculating estimates, producing invoices, logging time and activity and recording client contact.

Serenity Core - Saving you valuable time

At the end of 2014, the Serenity Digital team sat down and reviewed how effective we were with our own time and found that the most inefficient use of our time was spent learning and using a multitude of different applications to conduct these core business tasks. At one stage we were using a single application for invoicing, a single application for time keeping, another for storing all our client data and communication and a further one for managing our project workflow.

And so came about the idea of Serenity Core. This single piece of software has been designed to conduct the following tasks from one simple interface and with one login.

Client Management

Serenity Core offers administrators the tools and functionality to setup records for their clients, prospects and suppliers. Within each organisation, contact details for all members of staff can be recorded, providing your staff with contact details for the projects they work on.

Against each client, projects can be setup and allocated with budgets for future records - these projects will be seen by your staff so that they can allocate their time against the appropriate client. Simple customer relationship management tools allow your staff to record notes against each client and project so that a full history of important decisions and client contact can be seen by all.  

Time Management

Each user of the system has the tools to not only plot their weekly workflow, but also to directly time their activity working on each project. This timing facility will automatically log and track the time against that project, working out how much time is left in the budget. Each time segment can be duplicated, edited or continued at any time allowing staff to pause the time tracker when they are interrupted. For those wishing to manually record time in whole units, Serenity Core also allows manual recording of time against projects in the system.

Administrators also have the tools to view weekly staff workflow to ensure that they are recording timesheets correctly and allocating the right percentage of their week to billable time. Warning alerts will also be sent to administrators if the time allocated to a project exceeds the time estimated. 

Financial Management

Serenity Core has the facility to manually create or automatically generate (from time recorded in the system) invoices which can be sent via email from the system to your client. Automated email notifications can also be sent out to remind clients that invoices are due or overdue, reducing the amount of time spent chasing clients.

Mileage and expenses can be recorded by staff and allocated to individual clients to ensure they are not lost. Administrators can also provide their Accountant with access to download and print invoices for book keeping. 

Notifications warn administrators if they are on target to hit their monthly bottom line, whilst producing estimates for expected VAT and end of year tax bills. Reporting facilities also allow adminstrators to see which projects are on target, which staff are most productive (in terms of billable time) and who are your worst debtors.

If you're a small business looking to save your valuable time then Serenity Core is perfect for you. Our starter packages start from £5 per month per user and much like our other software (e.g. Serenity Source, Serenity Send) you'll benefit from regular updates and improvements as part of your ongoing fees.

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