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Conquering the Super Spartan Challenge

Date: 01-09-2014
Source: Serenity Digital

Spartan Race 2014

This Sunday, Directors Peter Garrett and Stuart Mullen completed the London South Super Spartan 2014 challenge for Dreams Come True.

With friends Matt Austin and Cara Wright, Peter and Stuart journeyed to Kent to take part in the gruelling 9 mile run across some extremely challenging terrain. Whilst Summer seemed like a great time to take part, a combination of awful weather over the past few weeks meant it was very wet and muddy and a hot sunny day meant that dehydration set in very quickly!

There were 20+ obstacles designed to challenge each individual but also the team as a whole. The obstacles included

  • River swimming
  • Mud pit crossing
  • High and low walls
  • Shoulder sand sack carries over 200m
  • Trenches and tunnels to crawl through
  • Cargo nets towers
  • Granite ball carries over 50m
  • Log carries through water and mud over 100m
  • HGV tyre turnovers over 10m
  • Climbing walls
  • Monkey bars over water
  • Concrete weight on chain pulls over 20m
  • Ammo cache container carries over 50m
  • Vertical rope climb
  • Gas canister vertical pull
  • Crawl under barb wire for 40m
  • Huge water container carries over 100m
  • More high and low walls
  • Spartan spear throw
  • Swinging hanging rings over 10m
  • Rope climbs
  • Fire pit jump

We're still waiting to see what time we got but we'll post them up as soon as we know with a video we took using Matt's GoPro.

Thanks to Matt and Cara for taking part, but most importantly to all those who sponsored us! Every pound will help Dreams Come True and the wonderful work they do for children across the UK.

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