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Date: 25-07-2014
Source: Serenity Digital

Serenity Send – Our friendly email campaign management program

Serenity Send Live Reporting

Serenity Send is our online application for managing any size of email campaign.  It is primarily designed for businesses but can be used by individuals and other organisations also.

To begin with, Send has facilities to allow uploads of multiple recipient lists (either from CSV/Excel or copy/paste) with the option of creating your own additional personalised fields per recipient (where data is available). This personalised information could allow you to change messaging or design of the email by gender, location, age or name.

Send can be customised with a bespoke set of templates, which mirror your organisation’s branding. These templates can be used to create unique email campaigns which can be easily edited using tools to content manage the campaigns.

Addition tools found within the system:

  • Testing across multiple email clients
  • Social sharing facilities (as well as permanent online version of email)
  • Personalised messaging (where data is available)
  • Detailed analytics
    • Who opened a message and when
    • Who clicked embedded URL’s
    • Social forwarding and sharing results
    • Reports on failed or unsubscribed mail addresses
  • Useful export to Excel capability
  • “Worldview” - real time location information created from your message campaigns

Google Analytics Stats

The Benefits of sending Email Campaigns

Once you’ve compiled a list of prospects, clients, suppliers and other members of your audience, you can begin to send them your targeted campaigns. Each campaign will always result in increased traffic to your website. The reporting capability of Send mirrors that of Google Analytics allowing you to see spikes in traffic at times shortly after your campaigns have been sent.

By targeting content to specific URLs on your website, you can ensure that you meet the core requirements of the campaign:

  • Increase sales of particular products
  • Increase general sales online
  • Encourage recipients to make contact
  • Encourage recipients to download more information

If you’d like to find out more about this, please read the Overview of Serenity Send or feel free to get in touch with us directly.

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