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Date: 24-07-2014
Source: Serenity Digital

Serenity Source, our bespoke (licence free) Content Management System, is continually evolving and growing. When building the system, we future proofed it by ensuring that all clients would utilise the same location for the source code; this way it’s really easy for us to roll out updates to everyone. Existing clients who use our CMS for their websites are lucky enough to receive free upgrades to the system throughout each year. Below are just some of the main features we’ve added or updated recently:

Page redirects

 After creating and publishing a new website there will inevitably be remaining outdated links scattered online directing people to pages within the old website.

Depending on the format of these URLs, they can automatically direct the user to your homepage, but even worse they could result in a users landing on an error page. With Serenity Source’s redirection tools the outdated links can be automatically directed within your website to the exact page you’d like them to see.

User-friendly error pages

No one likes error pages, usually because they represent something not working as it should.

However, we’ve softened the blow somewhat by adding more friendly error pages with the addition of our branding. Over the coming months we’ll seek to update the system so that each client benefits from their own branded error pages.

Security enhancements

Serenity Source is built on top of a very powerful code framework called CodeIgniter (which is used and maintained by developers around the globe). Since the last release, all clients have benefitted from the latest CodeIgniter release which makes our system even more robust and secure against modern hacking techniques.

General user interface updates

Now that we have over 40 installations of our system and many clients who now take full control of the administration of their websites, so inevitably we often get suggestions. Some of these requests which have been added include:

  • Easier access to the image manager – you can now find links to open the image manager from the dashboard and the control panel within the content manager.
  • Updates to redirects to make it simpler to manage old site links (see above for more information)
  • Easier management of page access rights – a new Permissions page presents all the settings for each user group making it really easy to quickly amend access rights throughout the website.

Update to automated task running

With the introduction of automated tasks, running, maintaining and updating websites of any size became (thankfully) much easier. With the latest updates you can use automation tools to launch sections of the site, or individual pages when you’re away. Likewise you can also take down sections of the site when you’re away too.

Automation is particularly useful for:

  • Timed special offers which you only wish to show for a timed period (and might forget to remove)
  • Launching content whilst you are on holiday or otherwise too busy to remember
  • Launching content in line with social posts (should you use tools such as Hootsuite for social posting management)

Our clients should get in touch if they'd like to find out more information about any of these improvements. If you're not a user of Serenity Source but think you might like to be, please get in touch to organise a demo.

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